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Marvel Proudly Presents THOR

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If you had to make me choose between Young!Hiccup or Older!Hiccup, I don’t think I could. He’s still his adorkable self whether he’s 15 or 20. 

I love how his impersonating his dad game only improved over the years. 

I think that’s more because he was bitter and angry in the first gifset, but in the second he’s just messing around. Hiccup’s body language is very expressive that way. XDDD

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Shiba requires a moment to process the fact that someone touched the butt

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Chris Pratt is actually the nicest most humble celebrity in the world. Fact.

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me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 


me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 

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I just tried to say “Justin timberlake” outloud but it came out as “jimber timber”

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